Portait of An Egg

Portait of An Egg

The invitation is simple: contribute an original photograph inspired by an egg. 

‘Looking at art by photographing it has now become a dominant way of behaving. Art is being constantly exposed to the glare of the internet and social media; everyone has a camera and a new way of seeing. I want to take this moment a step further and invite the worlds photographers to take part in a mass creative act.’ – Gavin Turk 

All photographs submitted, will be presented in a special exhibition at the heart of Photo London at Somerset House, May 16th – 19th

The Hall of Fame (see above), invites guest curators to select 5 images that capture their imagination. The audience is also invited to select their favourites by ‘liking’ images. The 5 most ‘liked’ appear as People’s Choice. 

Following in the footsteps of Dali, Magritte, Manzoni, Broodthaers and Brancusi, eggs recur in the artist’s work as sculptural metaphors, of signature or logo. A symbol of life and creation, originality, fragility and mortality, eggs appear as surreal faces, giant duck eggs, broken shells depicting his signature and in liquid form as mayonnaise and egg tempera paint, while his giant scale Hare Egg and Duck Rabbit create mythical new hybrids. Transforming eggs from the sacred to the profane, the pure to the parasitical, a symbol of creation to something created: the artist journeys from eggs to egg-cup shaped fonts as he explores the delicate relationship between life and art with the pathos of the clown. The artist is now asking ‘How do you portray an Egg?

Submit your photograph to www.gavinturkegg.art

Gavin Turk