Reading the poem that accompanies Analogous Colors

Reading the poem that accompanies Analogous Colors

 Tom Power intervew Titus Kaphar for CBC - 19 June 2020

Titus Kaphar reads the poem that accompanies his painting, Analogous Colors

Artist Titus Kaphar’s painting, titled Analogous Colors, is on the cover of @time magazine this week. It depicts a Black mother holding the empty silhouette of her child, which the artist created by cutting into the canvas. The image references George Floyd calling out for his mother as he was being killed by a Minneapolis police officer. Kaphar joined @tomjoepower from New Haven, Conn., to tell us more about the painting’s symbolism, the current context in which he creates his art, and the non-profit arts incubator he runs to help inspire the next generation of artists. 

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Listen to Titus Kaphar reading his poem