Appunti per l'Afro Barocco Premiers at the International Center of Photography

Appunti per l'Afro Barocco Premiers at the International Center of Photography

Lyle Ashton Harris is pleased to announce that the International Center of Photography (ICP) will exhibit Appunti per l’Afro Barocco (2015), a new mixed-media mural collage, at the inaugural exhibition of its new museum space opening on June 23, 2016 at 250 Bowery, New York.

The ICP show (featured in the New York Times), titled “Public, Private, Secret,” is curated by Charlotte Cotton, and will publicly feature this large-scale new work in its entirety for the first time. The original assembly of Appunti per l’Afro Barocco commenced in connection with the development of a visual essay that the artist composed for the catalog of “Nero su Bianco” (“Black on White”), a survey exhibition of international artists on shifting perceptions of identity within the African American, Afro-European, and African spheres, which Harris co-curated with Robert Storr and Peter Benson Miller at the American Academy in Rome in 2015.

Appunti per l’Afro Barocco represents the latest of Harris' numerous photo montage/collage works, beginning with The Watering Hole series (1996) and followed by the site-specific collage series Blow up I-IV (2004-06), which was described by Cotton in her 2009 monograph The Photograph as Contemporary Art as “a map of visual and ideological connections . . . blending high criticality and personal narrative to suggest that all photography inherently carries representational meaning beyond the intent or making of the photographer.”

Opening June 23, 2016 at the International Center of Photography. 

Lyle Ashton Harris at the ICP - New York City