Wendy White

Wendy White

Exhibition Catalogue 2013

Wendy White is known for work that expands the parameters of painting through the use of multiple canvases, sculptural additions, and site-specific installation. Inspired by the visual cacophony of her neighborhood of Chinatown in New York City, this exhibition brings together works from three ongoing series: Fotobilds, Contained Paintings, and PVCs. The large-scale Fotobilds combine inkjet-printed awnings, much like those found on commercial storefronts, with painted canvases. Hung just above the floor line, the Fotobilds echo the position of buildings on city streets. Their combination of natural and synthetic materials, digital and analog marks, and fragments of text is a comment on the glut of advertising, graffiti, and signage that somehow coalesce to become iconic New York City vistas.

Bordered by raw canvas stretched over custom frames, the Contained Paintings are dense accumulations of many layers of atmospheric color, text, and hand-cut stencils. The PVC series comprises rectangular canvases tightly embedded within angular frames reminiscent of letter forms. Frame and canvas are painted as one unit, resulting in works that extend pictorial space to become as much object as painting.

Between Canal & Grand, 2013, Underpass, 2013, acrylic on canvas, 132 x 102cm… are among the paintings pictured in this catalogue strengthened by a DVD where the artist, Wendy White, 1971, Deep River, CT, lives and works in New York, explains her work.

Designed by Sandrine Lalonde
​Printed by Graphius

€ 40,00