South African painter Ryan Hewett draws on notions of Cubism to create his large-scale portraits constructed with layers of impasto. Working intuitively, Hewett takes on an introspective approach to portraiture, delving into themes such as memory and imagination, whilst taking note of Surrealist styles and artists like Francis Bacon. Using painting techniques that involve a paint roller and a palette knife, the artist creates thoughtful abstract works in deeply hued-colors. 
Described by critic and curator Edward Lucie-Smith as "one of South Africa’s most distinguished painters today", Ryan Hewett is renowned for his brooding and evocative paintings. Yet his portraits are not about capturing an external likeness of a subject, but rather creating a portal to the inner journey of self-exploration. In so doing, the artist relies principally on the intuitive processes of memory and imagination.
Using a variety of oil painting techniques, from brushes to knives, Hewett’s extensive knowledge draws on renowned movements within art history. His structured forms and psychedelic colours allude to Cubist portraits and Surrealist landscapes, while his body-length portraits recall Renaissance medical diagrams of the human anatomy.
Hewett has exhibited extensively in art fairs, group and solo exhibitions in major cities around the world. His most recent institutional exhibition took place at The Goss Michael Foundation in Dallas in 2019. His work can be found in various international private and public collections, including the Goss Michael Foundation, Fine Art Centre, Taiwan, The Recharge Foundation, Emergentes Art Foundation and the Dean Collection, to name a few.

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