Liz Markus X Gert Voorjans
24.11.2017 to 06.01.2018
Gallery - Brussels - Belgium

MARUANI MERCIER is delighted to announce an unique collaboration between American artist Liz Markus and Belgian interior architect Gert Voorjans.

Liz Markus cannot predict how her work will ultimately look. Using acrylic on unprimed canvas, she lets the colours bleed, drip and collide. As the painted surface dries, the image starts to spread. Markus' extraordinary skill with acrylic paint results in a painting released from the constraints of precision—yet self-contained, capturing something deeper. Her work is full of vibrant colours and pop culture references. Among other things, Markus is inspired by fashion, strong women, and the spaces they inhabit. 

Gert Voorjans creates richly layered interiors with a nonchalant and contrasting mix of rare antiques, artful objects and rare finds. He does not believe in rules. Every room poses a new challenge to him, as he carefully considers what kind of people live there. Voorjans' design ethos is the terms of the “three Cs”: colour, character, and craftsmanship. When it comes to materials, it is authenticity that matters most to him, striving for that nebulous quality referred to as “soul” in his interiors.

MARUANI MERCIER brings both artists together and gives them free reign over the gallery. With a curated look, Voorjans transforms four rooms, making them seem as if inhabited by a dedicated collector for the past decade. With her wet-on-wet technique, Markus' playfully transfers these spaces on canvas in bright and translucent colours. On commission, she also portrays several of Voorjans' friends, lounging in their rooms. Both Markus' paintings as Voorjans' furniture and objects will be for sale at this exclusive exhibition. 

Liz Markus takes up residence at the gallery until the 10th of December and is available for commissions.

Liz Markus X Gert Voorjans opens on the 24th of November 2017 and will run until the 6th of January 2018 at MARUANI MERCIER in Brussels.