The Lost of England
07.09.2017 to 03.10.2017
Gallery - Brussels - Belgium

MARUANI MERCIER is proud to announce the opening of The Lost of England, the first solo exhibition of acclaimed British painter George Shaw in Belgium.

Having just finished his two year residency at the National Gallery in London, with as pinnacle his praised exhibition With My Back to Nature; Turner prize award nominee George Shaw will present a brand new collection of paintings at MARUANI MERCIER in Brussels.

George Shaw paints the outskirts and woods he grew up in with passion and fastidious realism. His paintings seemingly freeze a dramatic moment in time – whether it has just passed, is about to happen, or is happening right now. Any human presence is only declared by some litter, a tramping of leaves, or a row of garage units worn down by time.

Just as remarkable is George Shaw's favoured medium, Humbrol enamel paints. Normally used to paint model trains and aeroplanes, the thin liquid is very difficult to manipulate but gives his paintings an almost photographic appearance. As enamel has no historic associations, using it as paint distances George Shaw from being a mere landscape painter, while simultaneously joining and modernising a great tradition.

George Shaw was born in Coventry, UK in 1966. He received his Bachelor of Fine Art and a Postgraduate Certificate in Education at the Sheffield Polytechnic, as well as a Masters degree in Painting at the Royal College of Art in London.
George Shaw's work is included in several major collections, including the Arts Council Collection; Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery; British Airways; British Council; Cincinnati Art Museum; Deutsche Bank; Government Art Collection; Herbert Art Gallery & Museum, Coventry; Mead Gallery, University of Warwick; Middlesborough Art Gallery; National Museum of Wales; Olbricht Collection, Germany; Simmons & Simmons; Southampton City Art Gallery and the Tate Collection.
He lives and works in Devon, UK.

The upcoming exhibition, The Lost of England, opens at MARUANI MERCIER in Brussels on the 7th of September and will run until the 3th of October, 2017.

An exhibition catalogue will be edited for this exhibition.