The Ocean Between
05.09.2019 to 31.10.2019
Gallery - Brussels - Belgium

We are delighted to announce the first exhibition of Radcliffe Bailey at our gallery.

Bailey was trained as a sculptor but he does not identify with one specific label as he refers to himself plainly as: an artist, taking on the tasks of the painter, the sculptor, and the political activist. So he works within the convergence of painting and sculpture, utilising found materials, such as vintage photographs of his family, vinyl records, piano keys, Georgia red clay, and bottle-caps. 

Thematically, his art explores the intersection of ancestry, race and cultural memory, and is fascinated with the connection between past and present. His work has been described as being three-dimensional and layered, incorporating elements of smell and sound.

Public opening in presence of the artist on Thursday 5 September 2019.
Taking part in Brussels Gallery Weekend, the gallery will exceptionally be open until 9 PM.

Interview with Rob Perrée on Thursday 5 September 2019 at 7pm.
Artist talk on Sunday 8 September 2019 at 3pm.