Calling Paul Kremer Fat

White Lies Magazine
A conversation with Katja Horvat for White Lies Magazine - 2016

To sum up a few facts: Paul Kremer, born in 1971, chicago, Illinois, lives and works in Houston, Texas. Known for: paintings (great ones). Co-founder of „I Love You Baby”, founder of „great art in ugly rooms”. Kremer’s ingenious work cleverly blurs the line between abstraction and representation a result that feels like one big optical puzzle. With every thing he does, one could say Kremer simply emphasizes the importance artists play in injecting vitality into the world we live in, and he does it in a superb, satirical and a musing way.


Gaiur is just a smart and erudite move. In a very cheeky manner, Kremer pl ays with the idea of how we view art, and how art inter acts with space - questioning from a psychological perspective how surroundings (can) effect the impactfulness of art works - does art frame a room, or does the room frame art?


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