Lyle Ashton Harris

JMM Gallery, 2014
Book 78 pages
Publisher: JMM Gallery
ISBN: 978-2-930487-16-8

Exhibition Catalogue 2014


From Untitled (Prelude to the Watering Hole), 1991-1996, to Untitled (Triptych), 2014, a silkscreen on watercolor paper, self-portrait, this catalogue presents the artist's work including 'Watering Hole', a museum peace showed for the first time since 2012 in JMM gallery in Brussels. A piece the artist describes when interviewed by Peter Halley as: 'the transformation of the collage into photomontage is very effective, because it puts everything on the same visual plane. It's a kind of lexicon of so many images, a kaleidoscope.' 


Creative Director Tommy Gear

Designed by Peter Wu

​Printed by Graphius

Lyle Ashton Harris
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