Man Ray & Sherrie Levine

A Dialogue Through Objects, Images & Ideas
JMM Gallery, 2015
Book 58 pages
Publisher: JMM Gallery
ISBN: 978-2-930487-17-5


“The Ethnographic becomes the modern, the modern becomes the post-modern”… This catalogue of the exceptional exhibition held by JMM Gallery in summer 2015 remembers us, thanks to Larry List, guest curator and Man Ray worldwide specialist, that Man Ray 'reduced a new order of images using the new medium of photography, and challenged the world to accept them as art. In 2005, Sherrie Levine re-photographed Man Ray's Man and Woman photos, called them her own art works, and re-scandalized the art world of a new millenium'. 


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Designed by Sandrine Lalonde

​Printed by Graphius

Man Ray & Sherrie Levine: A Dialogue Through Objects, Images & Ideas
€ 40.00