More is said by saying nothing.

Writer, poet, essayist, publisher, photographer, filmmaker, creator of collages, one of the first Belgian Surrealist artist Marcel Mariën inspired by Man Ray and influenced by Marcel Duchamp, has never limited to a single medium of artistic expression, constantly seeking new possibilities of creation and artistic techniques.


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There is no object without an image, apart perhaps from the universe, of which one disputes whether it is one or the other, if not both.

After meeting René Magritte in 1937, Marcel Mariën joined the Surrealist movement in Brussels. Magritte introduced Mariën to the French Surrealist artists Paul Colinet, Louis Scutenaire, René Char, Paul Eluard and Paul Nougé. The Belgian artist from an early age devoted his artistic work to the movement, representing today an important player for Surrealism in Belgium counting numerous collective and personal exhibitions around the world. 


Mariën's work reveals all its coherence, entirely founded on vocabulary, on words, which the artist questions through images and associated objects without hierarchy, confronting them in as many poetic shocks.


His artworks are included in collections of the world’s greatest museums, such as The Royal Museums of Fine Arts in Brussels, The Getty Museum in Los Angeles, Tate Modern in London, the MoMA in New-York and The Israel Museum in Jerusalem.

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