You are either born to be a photographer or not. The art of photography is not something you can learn in the classroom or by watching someone do it.


A major figure in contemporary photography, Araki Nobuyoshi addresses the most controversial parts of Japanese culture through his deeply intimate and provocative photographs.


My photos are my diary. Every photo is no more than the representation of a single day. And each day contains the past and the projection into the future. That’s why I feel compelled to indicate the date on every picture I take.

Nobuyoshi Araki was born in 1940 in Tokyo, Japan. He studied photography and film at Chiba University. After his studies, Araki started working in advertising. He began to work exclusively as a photographer in 1972, and has since produced hundreds of photographic prints and books. Araki's work documents the quotidian elements of life: clouds, flowers, vibrant karaoke bars, Japanese toys, Tokyo cityscapes, and images of ordinary people - though he is perhaps best known for his nude photos of women. Many of these often controversial nudes depict women tightly bound with ropes in the Japanese bondage style known as Kinbaku....
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