The idea of my work is to flatten time, space, and location. I don't want to only depict images of my family, I want to also depict that of other families. I want everyone to see their family in my work.
Cornelius Annor is a figurative painter depicting everyday life, often departing from childhood memories and family history.
Because most of the positive images of black people focuses on the African-American story, I would like what I am creating right now to depict positive imagery of Africa and Ghana. I want people to change their view about our beautiful continent.
Incorporating objects and clothes from different periods of time, Cornelius Annor (b. 1990) plays with history and temporality in his compositions. His paintings can be seen as a hypothetical writing of history, merging elements from both his family and friends’ archive, from the past and present. While some of the photographic source materials were taken during family events, others refer to the West-African tradition of taking seated portraits at a photo studio. The studio setting in this context was created to evoke a certain middle-class status, reminiscent of photographs by renowned Nigerian photographer Samuel Fosso and the Malian photographer Malick...
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