I wanted to build something that was going to engulf the viewer. You will become a part of it as part of an empowerment process. Visually, I grew up not feeling empowered by looking at a lot of art and now, as a semi-grown-up, it’s nice to think about prefacing the power of the audience as a part of building an experience.

The contemporary conceptual artist Tavares Henderson Strachan revolves his practice around the intersection of art, science, and politics. Working within different media, the artist reinserts people of colour into the historical narrative, making sure that traditionally marginalised figures and narratives are remembered.


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Working as an artist and thinking about limitation as materiality—thinking about the edges of the island as a way to process and manage creative practice—has been a very important survival skill. I think the idea that we can shift modalities of communication and language structures is a really important skill for the future

Through his career, Tavares Strachan has engineered a multidisciplinary artistic practice that mobilises our visual, intellectual, and emotional faculties. Aeronautical and astronomical science, deep-sea exploration, and extreme climatology are but some of the thematic arenas out of which Strachan creates performative allegories that tell of cultural displacement, human aspiration, and mortal limitation. Strachan’s artistic practice and methodology often circumvent the usual narrative functioning in a more unconventional framework. Strachan’s ambitious and open-ended practice examines the intersection of art, science, and the environment, and has included collaborations with numerous organisations and institutions across the disciplines.

One of Strachan’s most iconic...