Lost in a Memory: Joshua Oheneba-Takyi


Capturing the moment of stillness, emphasising on the physical limitation of mobility in confrontation with memory is the central theme in this body of work — the paintings focus on capturing a state of being where one is significantly immersed in a thought, when distractions and all concerns ebb away, and one completely lose track of time.

Joshua Oheneba-Takyi makes his debut at the gallery with a solo exhibition featuring a new series of paintings he calls Lost in a Memory. The works explore the making and perception of memory through visual documentation of the ephemerality of instances via our interaction with chairs. The paintings expose the attachment of the subconscious to the seemingly mundane, and the extent to which they have an affectation on our affairs as objective commentators and passive participants. Capturing the moment of stillness, emphasizing the physical limitation of mobility in confrontation with memory is the central theme in this body of work.
Oheneba-Takyi is a young promising artist born in 1997 in Kumasi, Ghana. He currently spends his time researching and deepening his artistic practice at his studio Creccents located in Accra.

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