Like A Thief In The Night
04.08.2018 to 02.09.2018
Gallery - Knokke - Belgium

"Art can give us new ways to see and understand the complex world around us, and in doing so, it can become a positive force for social and political change.”​

We are proud to announce Justin Brice Guariglia’s new exhibition, Like A Thief In The Night. His sober environmental works pleasantly clash with the second part of the second part of the show, an exhibition of antique furniture redesigned by Toiletpaper (Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari).

Guariglia developed a unique transdisciplinary art practice, working in collaboration with philosophers, scientists, and journalists to develop a more informed, holistic, ontological world view. In doing so, his art has become a research practice to investigate the world, and forge a deeper understanding of important ecological issues  of our time.  

Guariglia began flying on NASA science missions over Greenland to gather imagery that would become raw materials for his art. A five meter large printer at his studio applies acrylic ink to surfaces in a painterly manner. Guariglia's photographic images incorporate traditional art materials like gesso and precious metals including copper, gold, and platinum that have been abraded with power tools.

The work of Guariglia belongs to several museum collections, including the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston; the Norton Museum of Art, Florida; the Spurlock Museum, Illinois; and the Vanden Heuvel Collection, New York. His photographs are published in SmithsonianThe New York Times and National Geographic

He currently lives and works in New York City, NY.