Art will play an increasingly critical role in the survival of our species.

American artist Justin Brice explores the possibilities of photography, triggering an ecological consciousness amongst the viewer.


Art is about binding to the unknowable in a way that transcends reason and being…That’s the power of art in the climate change conversation — how do we take something that is exceptionally abstract, operating on multiple non-human scales and give it a face, body, substance and scale that is relatable to humans? That is the job of the arts and humanities. 

Justin Brice (b. 1974) is an American artist whose work explores the relationship between humans and the natural world. Brice frequently collaborates with scientists, poets and philosophers to produce work that enables a greater understanding of climate change and the ecological crisis. Notably, this includes a series of missions he’s flown with NASA 1 scientists beginning in 2015 to document Greenland’s rapidly changing ice, images which he used as source material in his work.


In his 2019 Earth Day take over of London’s Somerset House courtyard show Reduce Speed Now!, Justin Brice used solar powered highway message boards to...
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