New Sculptures: Lupines
21.02.2019 to 13.04.2019
Gallery - Brussels - Belgium

New Sculptures: Lupines​ is a new series of medium-sized sculptures that embodies Arne Quinze’s research on the diversity of nature. With the works Lobelia, Lupine, Persicaria, The Chatelain and African Iris the artist focuses on different questions in the evolution of anthropology through botany. The unbridled evolutionary force of plants to develop into a broad spectrum of diverse forms, structures and colours are the basis for Arne Quinze’s visual storytelling. My New Sculptures: Lupines​ series is the artists attempt to capture the power of nature and to shift our focus back to the importance of our relationship with nature.

My Secret Garden — XXII months painting

In addition to the sculptures, Arne Quinze has been working obsessively on this giant work called The 12 Months.  It is an assemblage of all his research of nature from the past years. Each canvas represents his take on that month’s specific colour pallet and formal dynamic. Challenging himself to capture the true beauty and diversity of our precious nature.  
Overall: 3 meters tall, 26 meters long. Acrylic on canvas.