"Cities are like open-air museums – it sounds like an idealistic dream, but I am striving to realize it. I want to confront the public by surrounding them with art every day. Art has a positive influence on people and their personal development: it broadens their horizons and renders them more tolerant towards differences in society."

The unbridled beauty of nature, along with the various cultures he encounters through his travels are pertinent to Arne Quinze’s undertaking as an artist. At its very core, his work is a reflection on these themes intertwined with a persistent end goal of reinvigorating our often-monotonous urban environments. From drawings to paintings to massive public installations imbued with bold flashes of color, his message is unequivocally optimistic.

Quinze was born in Belgium in 1971, currently residing near Ghent. His start as a graffiti artist in the 1980s made him realize that cities can act as open-air museums, an idea which...

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