Man Ray and the Women

Bunkamura Museum

The life of Man Ray (1890–1976), the universal artist—one of the most iconic of the 20th century—involved a large number of women. Many women close to him became his models. Particularly, in photography, he produced many different female images; sometimes gentle and sweet, other times strong and independent, and even divinely beautiful.


If the warp of this exhibition represents the time and events in which he experienced many different encounters and breakups, intellectual discoveries and thoughts, and adventures and funs, the weft represents "women" who acted as his muses at different points in time. Over 250 works, including about 150 photographs, in addition to paintings and other works of art, are on display to look back on the life of the artist, who has created his own world of art, which is intimate, poetic and witty.



 "Man Ray and the Women" is on view at the Bunkamura Museum in Tokyo until September 6, 2021.