The King, His Lover and Their Bastard: Man Ray - Sherrie Levine - Mathieu Mercier

a series of rebounds, analogies, association of ideas, ..."

MARUANI MERCIER & HADIDA Gallery is pleased to present The King, His Lover and Their Bastard, an exhibition bringing together the works of Man Ray, Sherrie Levine and Mathieu Mercier.


This exhibition curated by Mathieu Mercier works like a series of rebounds, analogies, in which by association of ideas, telescoping, spirit of stairs, one room leading to the next. Starting from a game of chess, a theme dear to Man Ray, this exhibition xchanges points of view and sides of these three artists coming from three distinct generations.


While Man Ray seizes the theatrical surrealist aesthetic of the game, which Sherrie Levine appropriates and re-plays some of the leading works from the avant-gardes, Mathieu Mercier is interested in the various elements of vocabulary of modernity of which he revisits the issues.

Installation Views

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