Beyond the brush: Six unconventional painters to watch in ‘OVR:2021’

Art Basel

Discover artists who incorporate plants, traditional textiles, and memes into their practice


‘OVR:2021’ features new works that have emerged from the studios of artists from across the globe, with painters hailing from Ghana, Brazil, Japan, the Philippines, and the US among the must-sees. Ready to uncover is a broad range of pieces that are often concerned with memory and our relationship to the environment. Here are six painters to watch.


Accra-based artist Cornelius Annor, paints deeply personal portraits and domestic scenes, upon which he collages and imprints Ghanaian textiles sourced from the women in his family. Annor transfers patterns from these printed fabrics onto his canvases, leaving only faint impressions on the surface. He uses this technique to cover certain figures entirely, giving them a ghost-like appearance. They stand in contrast with the other protagonists of his canvases, rendered using sharp lines and even colors. By creating vibrant palimpsests using fabrics – often passed down through generations – Annor pays tribute to the personal and collective histories of families across Ghana.