Arne Quinze's 'Oasis': The Best Installation From Noor Riyadh 2022

By Pratyush Sarup for Architectural Digest


The 2022 edition of Noor Riyadh – Saudi Arabia’s annual festival of light and art – has transformed the city into mesmerising open-air gallery, presenting over 120 installations by over 100 artists from more than 40 countries.
For this year’s theme, We Dream of New Horizons, curators Hervé Mikaeloff, Dorothy Di Stefano and Jumana Ghouth assembled a global cast of artistic talent – from Sabine Marcelis, teamLab and Douglas Gordon, to Saudi talents including Muhannad Shono, Ayman Zedani, Sarah Brahim – that has created magic at the intersection of art and science. From building projections and drone shows, to large-scale, site-specific installations that engage their surroundings, Noor Riyadh presents a trove of awe-inspiring moments.

The most eye-catching of them all is Belgian contemporary artist Arne Quinze’s sculpture, Oasis that from afar, appears like a magical creature in the desert landscape.