From Man Ray to Mariën

An Idea of Surrealism
Maruani Mercier Gallery, 2021
Book 206 pages
Publisher: Maruani Mercier Gallery
ISBN: 978-2-930487-37-3
Dimensions: 23.50 x 30.00

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Co-edited by Marcel Mariën Foundation, Belgium


Designed by Sandrine Lalonde
Printed by Graphius, Belgium

Photographies by Dave Bruel, Marc Domage, Xavier Lahache, Laurent De Broca & Stéphanie Cambier

Translation and short texts by Margaux De Pauw & Claire di Felice


We especially would like to thank the support of 
Xavier Canonne
Siegfried &  Sabine Jonckheere - Sagaert
Robert Leuwenkroon
Victor Lévy
Larry List
Marion Meyer
Eva Meyer
Augustin Nounckele
Pascal Retelet