Painting is like making love. You cannot ask, 'How do you do it?' But, hopefully, it is beautiful.

Working across different media, Italian artist Francesco Clemente’s works revolve around the themes of sexuality and spirituality, and had positioned himself as a major component in the revitalization of Italian art beginning in the 1980s. 


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Clemente is greatly influenced by mysticism, traditional art and the culture of India.

Francesco Clemente was born in 1952 in Naples, Italy. He went to Rome to study architecture, where he met his friend and mentor Alighiero Boetti and decided to pursue a career in art instead.


Clemente is greatly influenced by mysticism, traditional art and the culture of India. His signature subjects are the human form, particularly women’s bodies, his own image, sexuality, myth, and spirituality, non-western symbols, and dreamlike visions. His canvases are rife with erotic imagery of mutilated body parts, gestural amorphous figures often depicted in rich colors, as well as a series of contorted self-portraits, conveying an uncanny...

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