My painting is all about this interchangeability of languages in art, where one second you might feel the background has the shading and tonalities you would see in a Rembrandt portrait, but the subject is completely different and painted like some low-culture, transgressive mutation of a comic strip.

American artist George Condo combines figuration and abstraction in his paintings, fusing the contrasting aesthetics of old master painting, cubism, and pop art together.


I love to draw and I love to paint and I thought, why should there be any distinction or hierarchy between those two mediums? Why not put them together as a single thing, the same way I was talking about languages.

Born in 1957, George Condo's work has influenced a whole generation of artists. He attended the University of Massachusetts in Lowell, where he studied art history and music theory. He moved to Boston after two years and worked in a silkscreen shop, later joining a band called The Girls with abstract painter Mark Dagley. While in the band, Condo met Jean-Michel Basquiat, prompting Condo to move to New York and seriously pursue a career as an artist.

Condo’s first public exhibitions were held in East Village galleries between 1981 and 1983. It was also during this time that he worked...

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