Kwesi Botchway is an artist of compelling vision whose paintings speak of the richness and complexity of black lives.(...) These are bold, conceptual works that suggest black identity as fluid not fixed and multiple not singular. They are portraits that capture blackness, in the words of Stuart Hall, as a state of ‘becoming as well as being’.- Ekow Eshun


Kwesi Botchway produces paintings creating an intriguing dialogue between the subject’s message and the viewer declaring Black identity, like a testimony of  contemporary life.


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I’m a Black artist, and I feel like we are one people—and I need to represent my people.

The emerging contemporary Ghanaian artist Kwesi Botchway documents the contemporary African culture through paintings of portraiture using mixed mediums acrylic and oil on canvas.

Botchway’s paintings, charged with emotions, highlights the idea of beauty in relation to the black experience. Color plays an important role in the work of Botchway expressing one’s character, community, culture and even language. The color of the black skin includes purple hues, evoking the ancient color which has been linked to royalty wealth, grandeur, and also mystery, magic, seduction and wisdom. These emotionally charged portraits are presented on bright colored backgrounds that emphasizes the...
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