"I don't think I ever really decided I was an artist. I went to college to learn how to think and look at art. In the end, I developed a more sophisticated misunderstanding of art."

Inspired by Marcel Duchamp's ready made sculptures, Gavin Turk's installations and sculptures, using everyday objects or manufactured items, address issues of authorship, authenticity and identity.


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"When I was in college I thought of making up a fictive artist and giving him a name and a body of work. Eventually I came around to the idea of using my own name, which had this strange distancing effect, similar to using a found object. Being a Turk was quite interesting because in a sense it was like being a foreigner."

Gavin Turk is born in 1967 in Guildford, United Kingdom. In 1991 he was denied his MA certificate from the Royal College of Art for his degree show presentation, Cave, which consisted of an empty white studio with a blue English Heritage plaque installed, which simply bore the inscription 'Borough of Kensington / GAVIN TURK / Sculptor / Worked Here 1989-1991.'

M ember of the Young British Artists, Turk’s oeuvre deals with issues of authenticity and identity, engaged with modernist and avant-garde debates surrounding the ‘myth’ of the artist and the ‘authorship’ of a work of art. He has pioneered...

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