In terms of painting I'm always looking for something I don't recognize. In terms of the subject matter though I find that day-to-day the country bears little resemblance to the ideals that I associate with it. (...) And I resist a language of painting that would suggest a seamless picture.  For me the material creates form but it also resists, pushes back.  It becomes a place for us to enter into.

Jaclyn Conley is a Canadian born artist that creates colourful paintings based on photographs of public figures and events connecting beautifully with some of the key social and political concerns of our time.


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For Conley, there is no single element greater than the composition itself. (..) Conley’s paintings have a point of entry for all, but to me she is the consummate painter’s painter. There are mysteries in her work set aside for her kinsman in craft. Her work implores me to remember the material beauty of paint itself.
- Titus Kaphar

Jaclyn Conley is a Canadian born artist based in New Haven CT. Conley has exhibited nationally and internationally at venues including The Painting Center in NY, NurtureArt in NY, Projective City in Paris, Wynick-Tuck Gallery in Toronto, and the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum in Ridgefield CT.

Inspired by historical events, departing from a photograph or a painting, Conley’s work connects key social and political concerns of our time with a sense of pictorial beauty. Through the use of collages and thick brushstrokes, Conley plays with the materiality to convey a story. The features and figures in the artist’s work are...

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