I'm interested in cognitive landscape, the terrain that one sees, somewhere behind the eyes.

Morrison’s landscape paintings, murals, films and prints include imagery inspired by a wide array of sources as various as newspapers, cartoons, antique volumes of botanical illustration and sixteenth-century woodcuts. 

Paul Morrison was born in 1966 in Liverpool, UK. He obtained his BA in Fine Art at the Sheffield City Polytechnic, Sheffield and later attended Goldsmiths College, London for a PG DIP in Fine Art, an MA in Fine Art, and a PhD. Paul Morrison is internationally renowned for his bold graphic-style monochrome paintings, site-specific wall paintings, sculptures and films. His work is constructed from a wide array of disparate found imagery scanned into a computer and then modified before being realised in different formats. About these dramatic scale shifts and uncanny juxtapositions Paul Morrison says: ‘I’m interested in cognitive...
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