British Landscapes: Paul Morrison - Nina Murdoch - George Shaw


Three English artists who have gained wide international recognition. 

Jablonka Maruani Mercier Gallery is pleased to announce the " British Landscapes" exhibition, which will start on April 4 in our gallery in Knokke with the artists George Shaw, Paul Morrison and Nina Murdoch, three English artists who have gained wide international recognition.
George Shaw was born in Coventry, England in 1966. Shaw, who was nominated for the Turner Prize in 2011, is known for his highly detailed naturalistic approach and most melancholy of the English suburbs. He dares to make works in the old fashioned genre of representational landscape painting. Since last June The National Gallery is pleased to announce that George Shaw has become its ninth Rootstein Hopkins Associate Artist. George Shaw lives in England.
Paul Morrison is known for his bold graphic-style black and white or golden and white, site-specific wall paintings and films. His paintings are produced in two coats of acrylic paint, scanned into a computer and then edited before being projected onto canvas. His breath-taking composition features dramatic changes in scale, with outsized plant life juxtaposed with a distant landscape. 'I'm interested in cognitive landscape, the terrain that one sees, somewhere behind the eyes'. Paul Morrison who was born in Liverpool in 1966, lives in Sheffield and London and held his first solo exhibition in London in 1996.
As for Nina Murdoch, she uses a technique fashioned in the early renaissance, painting on gesso, and constantly experiments with the painting process by making her own paints with egg and pigment. Her luminous urban landscapes are unique and transport us emotionally with light strings in various urban spaces by capturing the essence of a landscape like no other. She has won several awards including the Threadneedle Prize, the most prestigious award in England in 2008. Nina Murdoch lives in London.
Installation Views