The Forbidden Paradise: Arne Quinze


In the lush microcosm of Arne Quinze’s garden lies the heart of his inspiration. Among the ten thousand blooms, plants, and hedges carefully cultivated, he discovers a world teeming with life and possibility. This verdant sanctuary, nestled beside his home and atelier, offers an unbroken communion—a sacred space where every square meter holds the promise of paradise. Each day, Quinze immerses himself in the garden’s beauty, tending to its needs and observing its ever-shifting rhythms. Its evolution unfolds like a mesmerizing dance, a metamorphosis witnessed with awe and reverence. Every moment in its embrace is a journey of discovery—a journey where nature reveals its true essence in a riot of color, form. An unbridled connection to the boundless diversity of nature—a vibrant, evolving orgy of life. Quinze’s oil paintings eloquently delve into the delicate equilibrium of nature’s beauty, capturing the intrinsic interplay between power and fragility thriving within the natural world. His canvases, rooted in the concept of preserving nature through documentation, unveil deeper layers that extend our gaze beyond our earthly realm and into a broader universe. In the evolving narrative of his canvases, Arne Quinze increasingly probes the profound question of humanity’s place on Earth, portraying us as a potentially invasive species from elsewhere in the cosmos. This thematic exploration serves as a prelude to his upcoming Venice Biennale exhibition titled Are We The Aliens_. In his contemplation, the artist suggests the metaphorical notion that our humans DNA might have arrived on Earth via a meteor shower, an event marking our intrusion into the natural order of the planet. This idea subtly emerges as he integrates celestial elements and artifacts into his oil paintings. Quinze’s oil paintings eloquently navigate the intricate balance between the majestic allure and delicate vulnerability of nature. They strive to encapsulate the inherent tension between power and fragility that defines the natural world. For Quinze, it becomes a solemn responsibility to immortalize this fleeting intersection, driven by the conviction that human activities endanger the diversity and innate splendor of our planet. Through The Forbidden Paradise, Arne Quinze invites us to engage in a meditative dialogue with nature, capturing moments often overlooked in the rush of modern life. 


Quinze was born in Belgium in 1971, and currently resides near Ghent. In addition to painting, his monumental sculptures and installation works have been shown worldwide such as his largest light sculpture ever entitled Oasis, executed in 2022 for Riyadh’s Noor Festival of Light. In addition to his presentation at the Venice Biennale this year, he will also be the subject of a solo exhibition at the Ludwig Museum Koblenz in September 2024. 

Installation Views