We were experimenting in time, trying to build an environment and a fantasy we could live and work in.

The contemporary artist duo McDermott & McGough, work within various media and experiment with different photographical processes, adress subject matters including popular art, culture, fashion, and gender.


I have looked into the future and I have no intention of going there. — David McDermott

David McDermott was born in 1952 in Hollywood, California. He studied at Syracuse University from 1970 to 1974. Peter McGough was born in 1958 in Syracuse, and studied at the same university in 1976. Their paths never crossed until they both moved to New York City years later, and began their artistic collaboration in 1980. McDermott & McGough are best known for using alternative historical processes in their photography, including the techniques that comprise cyanotype, gum bichromate, salt, tri color carbo, platinum, and palladium. Among the subjects they approach are popular art and culture, religion, medicine, advertising, time, fashion and...
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