I believe in a visual language that should be as strong as the written word.

American artist David LaChapelle is known for his visually striking, provocative imagery fueled with surrealist overtones and elaborate decoration. His highly detailed works convey socially relevant messages that contemplate themes such as pop culture, mortality, and religion.


People say photographs don’t lie, mine do.

David LaChapelle was born in 1963 in Farmington, Connecticut. Discovered by Andy Warhol at the age of 17, LaChapelle began working for Interview Magazine at the threshold of his prolific career. Soon to be known for his hyper-real, distinctly saturated depictions of celebrity culture - Paris Hilton, Muhammad Ali, Britney Spears, Madonna, and Tupac Shakur figuring among his subjects - LaChapelle’s earliest work explored themes of mortality and transcendence through fine art, black-and-white photography.

After tremendous success in commercial photography, music videos, and filmmaking, LaChapelle has returned to the gallery settings where he first began. His work today explores the...

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