“Art is a reflection of my history and my society.  It is a mirror image of what I see and feel around me. We are all social beings, and we interact with each other. My social position in society is what fuels my art. But at a more fundamental level, I hope my art can create a better society for my people."

Ghanese painter Dankyi Mensah seeks to document the ongoing development of the contemporary urban, social, and political landscape of his country through colorful portraiture.


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Ghanian artist Dankyi Mensah studied at the celebrated Ghanatta College of Art and Design in 2001 in Accra, alongside Amoako Boafo, Otis Quiacoe, and Emmanuel Taku, who collectively embody the vanguard of a new generation of West African painters.


His series 'Kumerica' explores the concept of cultural hybridization and seek to document the development of the contemporary urban, social, and political landscape in Ghana through colorful, figurative portraiture. Kumerica––a term often associated with the music scene––revolves around the encounter between the local culture of Kumasi, a Ghanian city in the Ashanti region, and American urban culture. It goes beyond...

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