Murdoch is perfecting annotation of the world as shifting, luminous, ultimately unreliable. - Andrew Lambirth

Nina Murdoch is known for her large format hypnotic paintings of architectural spaces from a close-up, more abstracted viewpoint, playing with depth and light. 



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Her art encompasses the sudden shining forth of some aspect of truth or reality gathered from observation, invariably of the commonest events or objects, such as a light-fall in the corner of a supermarket car park. Such revelation requires a fresh painterly language, new and startling. - Andrew Lambirth

Nina Murdoch was born in 1970 in the United Kingdom, and studied at the Slade School of Fine Art and at the Royal Academy Schools.


Murdoch has developed a painstaking technique resembling that of the early Renaissance, of working in egg tempera on boards primed with gesso. Applying layers of translucent colour, sometimes scraping or sanding them down to apply further coats of paint, the surfaces of her paintings acquire a glowing richness of tones that responds to the light, and illuminate the often bare and mysterious street or architectural views that she chooses for her subjects. Her earlier work still featured some human presence, but recent work has focused on the geometry of the play of light and shade in these urban settings, which draws attention to the abstract character of her compositions. The laborious procedure that she favours, and the size of her paintings, means that she can scarcely complete more than ten paintings a year.


She is the winner of London’s first ever Threadneedle Street Award for figurative artists in 2008.

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