I'm always looking for a balance between whatever concept I'm tackling and a level of aesthetic originality  I want my paintings to surprise the viewer. 

Working within different media, the American artist Wendy White addresses socio-political themes through language and aesthetics often related to male-dominated areas. 


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What first struck me, when I became aware of Wendy’s work, was the sheer constancy of invention involved, from one body of work to the next, a diverse and heterogeneous array of methodologies, iconographies, formats and media are engaged which expand the means and definition of painting.- Carl Ostendarp

Wendy White was born in 1971 in Deep River, Connecticut. She studied fibers and was trained in fine art and textile design during her undergrad at Savannah College of Art & Design. Later, White studied painting at Mason Gross School of the Arts where she received her MFA.

“Painting as a singular discipline isn’t my thing,” explains White. The artist creates mixed-media works, incorporating awnings, disused store front signage, digitally manipulated photographs, and found objects into her acrylic and spray painted canvases to capture the exuberance of New York City, her subject and muse. It evokes an acute sense of nostalgia;...

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